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Visual Studio 2017 Performance Issues.

February 14, 2018

If you are having some issues with startup / debugging / responsiveness in VS 2017 below is a consolidated list of what I found to improve performance.

hope this helps.


Set Current source control to None under Tools → Options → Source Control.

Uncheck Synchronized settings across option under Tools → Options → Environment → Synchronized Settings.

Disable CodeLens (Optional): Uncheck Enable CodeLens option under Tools → Options → Text Editor → All Languages.

Disable Diagnostic Tools (Optional): Uncheck Enable Diagnostic Tools while debugging option under Tools → Options → Debugging → General.

Clean the contents in the following folders (do not delete these folders, instead delete their contents only) and restart Visual Studio:

Disabling nuget package restore can also speed up things. Tools => Options => Package Restore. Uncheck Allow NuGet to download missing packages

Clean the content in WebSiteCache folder (can be found in

Clean the content in Temporary ASP.NET Files folder (can be found in
C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Temp\Temporary ASP.NET Files)

Note: If you have Hardware Acceleration enabled or if you use the default Visual experience settings in Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 or Visual Studio 2015, you might experience intermittent performance issues, product crashes, or rendering issues. In order to work around these issues, apply the following settings under Tools → Options → Environment → General.



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