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Jax On Drums

September 12, 2016

kid drummer

Jaxon is a cool 9 year old kid with an inspiring story. In May 2005, Jax was born 3 ½ months early and weighed 1 pound, 13 ounces. After a 3-month struggle in the hospital he finally came home for the first time. The first few years were quite rough for Jax – but great things were to come!

By the age of one, Jax was pounding hundreds of dents in the coffee table with spoons. By the age of two, he graduated to chop sticks on the couch. At three, he got his first drum kit and started doing live shows for hundreds of people. This translated into drumming YouTube videos once a month for friends and family to enjoy. It was amazing to see him pick up on music playing in the house and instantly drum to it. His ability to hear a song and then drum it has always been with him, until the age of 7 he’d never had a drum lesson.

LessThan3 was engaged to build a rich-media website that could showcase Jaxon’s amazing talent and market him to the world across a variety of platforms and social media networks. A fully-functional Content Management System (CMS), Jaxon is able to regularly upload news items, videos, and pictures.



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